“6 Fashion wardrobe Essentials To Take You Through The new Year, 2019”


G etting ready in the morning should be easy and fun all the time. These wardrobe essentials will give you enough of a foundation to hold down any fashionable and trendy pieces you decide to buy.
Yes,there are those basics we all know about, like the white shirt, black pants that fit etc, and then there are others that move you up a notch to make you even more chic- worthy…So this is actually a bid to step up your style game this year; so find out what wardrobe staples could do that for you without you breaking a sweat :

1 Your perfect jeans- Whether they are flared, skinny, bootcut or relaxed, every woman needs a pair of jeans that makes her butt look good. A good confidence booster!

Genevieve Nnaji in perfect Jeans

2 Ballet flats – No they do not go out of style, and yes they are still essential for your wardrobe. Always.

Pluggz Women Ballet Flats

Model Jasmine Tookes in ballet flats.

3 A Blazer– Even if you don’t work in a formal type office, every woman should have at least one blazer that is flattering to her silhouette. If it doesn’t fit right off the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in. Style secret: Every stylish woman… and man, has a tailor that fixes those clothing that don’t fit the right way, because every thing you wear should pass the ‘Fitness’ test!
Blazer by Reiss Faulkner

Rita Dominic in Blazer

4 Strappy sandals- This is one conversation I’ve never failed to have with clients who want to upgrade their wardrobes. Every woman should get these in black and nude and any other colors they love. They should, because these exact style go with denim just as well as they do with an Oscar-worthy gown! They’re worn by just about every celebrity on the red carpet! Not only that, but every one from Stuart Weitzman to Zara has one so you can buy one in a brand that suits your pocket.

Stuart-Weitzman Strappy Sandals
Toke Makinwa in strappy sandals

5 Red Lipstick- This may not be an item of clothing in your wardrobe , but it is just as important to find your shade of red lipstick and keep it ready and on hand, for those days when you need the booster that only red lips can give.
Whether you’re a warm scarlet or an electric crimson with blue undertones, find the rouge that complements your skin tone. Never tried on red lippies before? trust me when I say, find the right shade for you and you’ll never go back. Perhaps you may not wear it everyday, but you need to own one today!
Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

Omotola-Jalade-Ekeinde in red lips

6 Great Sunglasses- If you’ve invested in a really good pair of sunnies before, you’ll know how good it feels to own a great pair. A classic piece that makes you look awesome , not to mention the fact that when you invest in prime sunglasses, the likelihood of you forgetting them at brunch decreases significantly.You know what I mean :))

Gucci Sunglasses

Toke-Makinwa in DnG sunglasses

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“P revious Post”



O n my first day at lectures in the university, I spotted this girl with short burgundy hair. It was in a perm cut. A couple of weeks later, she was in burgundy braids. Sometime after, she was in a burgundy blunt bob. Now what do you notice here? Right! The consistency of the colour BURGUNDY. It’s been a couple of years since I graduated and I must confess that, that girl with the burgundy hair has never left my memory, and she is the only colleague that had the “oomph” to me.

This brings us to the concept of having a signature style; that is one’s fashion and style trademark. It is as important as the signature you use on your cheque, and should be as unique. This is called class and sophistication. If you are doubting why this is class, let me give you a couple of iconic people noted for particular hairdos, style of clothes, ensembles, eyewear, shoes, make up etc. Your signature style can be expressed in any form.




Anna Wintour

We would look no further than the most influential figure in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour. You would always look out for her page boy bob in the front row of the major fashion shows. She is also never without her shades, it always goes along. This is the pinnacle of signature in style. She committed to this hairs


tyle in her teens.



Grace Codington




Still in the Vogue arena, the late Grace Codington was also always in her frizzy hair in a red tone. I wonder why most of, if not all of these fashion icons have an incredible signature. What is it about having a signature style that the ordinary person doesn’t know? And how do they fall in love with the style and stick to it. Do they ever get tired of it at all?










Karl Lagerfeld


Also, signature in style is never a women’s only thing. The creative director of the Chanel brand, Karl Lagerfeld has a peculiar style, an impeccable one of course. It is white shirts, always white shirts, black suits, pulled back hair, dark glasses and gloves.










Dr. Mensah Otabil

Dr. Mensah Otabil is highly noted for his favorite ‘agbadas’. This served as a good strategy in his personal branding. He was easy to describe and recognizable.












Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

The former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings also made a mark with her long sleeve ‘kaba and slit’ which always matches with her popular ‘duku’ style. She set the trend in her time. Up till now, you can bet she would be in her famous ‘kaba, slit and duku’ for any state function.





Now I am thinking, is this concept a thing of the older generation, as they are less influenced by the trends? The quest to keep up with the trends can let one forgo their

true style preference, let alone adopt one absolutely. Kim Kardashian is a typical example here, when she first c

ame into the spotlight she and the rest of the


Kardashian Klan had black waves. But now, they have moved as far as platinum blonde with the exception of the momager, Kris Jenner who is still in her perm cut.







With the likes of

Premiere Of Universal Pictures'

Amber Rose for her bald hair and







Taylor Swift for her red lips, I cannot conclude it is not a thing in this generation.

Taylor Swift 3








It may not be compulsory to have a signature to your style, but it is definitely worth it. It portrays originality and self-confidence. It is somehow empowering and sexy!! It is good for personal image branding because it makes you noticeable and memorable.

It does not take a day to get a signature style, but with more self-knowledge and narrowing down to what you feel confident in through try and error, one may eventually embrace something, be it a color of nail polish, accessory etc. Just ensure it looks good on you and you feel confident in it.

With time, you would feel incomplete or feel like a different person without it. On the other hand, do you see signature styles as boring? Is a constant straight hair with red lips boring or interesting?

Now let’s have some fun with riddles.
  1. Riddle, riddle, I am a legend, I have blonde curly hair and red lips…
  2. Which rapper is always seen in a brown hat on the red carpet…
  3. Purple hair…
  4. Fur coat…


Answers to Riddle:

1. Marilyn Monroe, Modern day Marilyn Monroes are Gwen Stephanie and Taylor Swift.

2. Pharell Williams

3. Kelly Osborne

4. The late Joan Rivers


Wendy Sangmorkie Tetteh

Wendy Sangmorkuor Tetteh

About the Writer

Wendy Sangmorkuor Tetteh is an Entrepreneur and an Image Consultant. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Ghana. She is a fashion enthusiast who believes in fashion and style as a weapon or an instrument that can be used to have a direct impact on a person’s psychological and sociological wellbeing. She aspires to be a leading brand in image consulting. She loves to read and write.