Elinam Amenyo

History abounds with tales of experts who were convinced that the ideas, plans, and projects of others could never be achieved. However, accomplishment came to those who said," I can make it happen", took a step, worked towards a goal and ‘Earned the crown’.

About Me

Media Career

MC : UNFPA GH Ambassador Unveiling.

MC : UNFPA GH Ambassador Unveiling.
Red carpet Host : Ophelia Crossland Exposè 2017
MC: The Cake Fair’ 2017
Co-host She Summit by Glitz Africa 2017
Red carpet Host - DJ Mensah All white Annual Party 2017
MC: The launch of Yenko Taxi app
MC: Accra Mall Fashion Weekend by Glitz Africa-Day 1

MC-Dzifa Gray and Friends

MC-Dzifa Gray and Friends
MC-Dzifa Gray and Friends
Ghana Music Honours 2017
VGMA 2017
MC: Mr Model Africa 2017
KOD'S All Black Party
She Boss 2016 by Glitz Africa

I Started my media career at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where I worked with the school’s radio station ‘Focus FM’ for two years. I worked with the news team and later hosted two talk shows: A Health Talk and a lifestyle program called Every Woman’s Corner (A program that sought to empower the youth to live healthy lifestyle and live purposeful lives on campus).

Set to usher into a new era with my media practice as a Presenter as well as a producer to a whole new level of excellence with the rich level of experience I have gathered within these few years, I joined GHone Tv after my national service with Charter house Ghana.


Was a presenter and producer of GHone's flagship morning show program "GHToday". Currently the host of Buzz (Entertainment segment) on Rythmz Live show and also the Host of 'Let's go shopping' (an advertising program) on Ghone tv. Won the ‘Television Host of the Year’ at the 2018 West African Youth Forum and Awards.

I look forward to progress with the support of the good people who have believed in me and continue to give me the opportunity to practice what I love to do.


I enjoy being challenged, exposed to new roles and this has really brought me this far

I also strongly believe that with a step in the right direction, everything can be achieved and not to disappoint especially myself.

Life and it decision is a matter of time, there's nothing to rush to and for. You rush and you are going to be unfortunate to never have the chance to redeem yourself. I love patience, because no matter what, something better will come out of it: “What is mine, will always find me”.

I love fashion, but Style is more captivating to me. This is because ‘Style’ to me is what differentiates you from others, most importantly makes you comfortable as well.

Creativity has been part of my life and happiness ; that’s what excites me, inspires me, gives me hope and makes me live my dream.

I’m a cheerful person, always love to be surrounded by people who aim at staying positive as the saying goes: "happiness is caused by yourself and enhanced by the people around you."

One thing guarding me into this new era is to stay focused, stay positive, be graceful, learn more and I will eventually earn the Glory I have worked for…thereby earning my Crown like the Queen I have always been.

Welcome to my World of experiences, Inspiration and Style.