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April 3, 2018
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November 27, 2018

Always Keep Dreaming! Dreams Are POSSIBLE. Dreams COME True You Know! Dreams Take TIME To Grow. Dreams Are ACHIEVABLE. Dreams, They NEVER GO! Dreams Are A Part Of YOU. If You Thought You Couldn’t, Know YOU Can! If You Thought You Wouldn’t, Know You Will! All Things Are Possible. Nothing Is Unreachable. If You Thought You Messed Up, START AGAIN. If You Think You Failed, Believe You Can WIN. All Things Are POSSIBLE. Nothing Is Unreachable. Don’t Give Up On Your DREAMS!…”No Matter Where You Are From, Your Dreams Are Valid!” – Peace Hyde”


This month our Earn Your Crown (EYC) Personality is the Head of Digital Media and Partnership as well as the West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa, Peace Hyde. She is responsible for working across the company’s digital platform on revenue and audience growth initiatives as well as the editorial head for the West African region.

Prior to joining Forbes Africa, she was an education senior management executive in the United Kingdom where she also practiced as a science teacher for 7 years. Hyde was directly responsible for creating innovative projects that raised over £1 million for the organization.

Hyde is also the founder of leading education non-profit Aim Higher Africa, which has a focus on empowering unemployed youths in Africa to transform their passion into business. The organization has invested over 600 startups resulting in 3000 jobs across Ghana and Nigeria.

Named as a powerful woman in Africa by CNN, Hyde is also an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Ebony and Fox News. She was named as the United Nations Most Influential People of African Decent list for 2017 and also sits on the judging panel for The Chivas Venture Fund as well as being the host of two leading flagship talk shows, Forbes Africa’s My Worst Day with Peace Hyde and Forbes Woman Africa’s Against The Odds on CNBC Africa which broadcasts to over 60 million people in Africa.

In an interaction with her, Peace Hyde said she believed the biggest challenge in her life was overcoming her negative mind set. She further added that “you will always have challenges in whatever field you are in and that is to be expected. But those challenges can be overcome. The difficulty is in overcoming your own fears and doubts, and that lies in adopting the right mind set. For the longest time I was consumed with what people would think of me and that dictated a lot of the things I did until I decided to change my mind set.
That was my biggest challenge and that is what I tell people when they ask me about my journey. You can overcome every obstacle that comes your way provided you adopt the right mind set and that has been the biggest challenge I had to overcome. I have always had low confidence, which was a negative mind-set. I never thought I was good enough to go after my goals of starting a media career. I looked at the challenges ahead instead of believing that God had given me the ability to overcome every single obstacle. Once I overcame that mind-set, the fear left and got replaced by faith. Faith in God’s plan and purpose for my life and that is what I live by.”

Peace Hyde also said once she understood the power of having the right mind set, it helped her to focus on what her purpose was while noting that sometimes one needed to shut out all the distractions in order to zone in on one’s purpose and once it’s done, embarking on your own individual path to greatness is easier. Peace Hyde also said she read motivational books and listened to inspirational messages from people who had overcome similar challenges which led to her starting “A piece of peace”, which was a collection of motivational messages that has helped her over the years and has made her the woman she is today.
Consequently, this led to her understanding of her purpose and to lead a life of sacrifice instead of a life of gain and a life that makes an impact. This made her establish “Aim Higher Africa”, a non -profit dedicated to helping Africa’s youth out of unemployment by adopting the right mind set and finding their purpose. With that in mind Peace said “ultimately the only way we all thrive is to tap into our God given potential”. The foundation has built over 600 businesses and created 3000 jobs in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.
In her final words Peace Hyde advised that, “If you strongly believe that there is something you have to do, then do it. No matter how good anybody’s success story sounds, you are the only one that can make it work for you. Do not follow the hype. Think carefully about what you want to achieve and have a plan and no matter what you do, stay focused and be prepared to work hard and even fail. You will be the only person that believes in your dream and that is ok. All you need is yourself and God.”

“Do not expect people to support you because it is very likely they will not. But no matter what happens, walk with faith. Keep your eyes on the end goal, no matter what that may be. Be prepared to adapt your strategy because each new level calls for a different mindset. Always network. You are always one contact away from your next opportunity and when all else fails and you are at rock bottom, know that you are very likely in the right place because there is no success without adversity,” she added.
When in doubt you can join Peace Hyde’s “Faithbuilder Movement” via her instagram handle @peac_hy. “We can do it together- Peace Hyde”

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