Matic Music Club

Peace Hyde
November 27, 2018

                              Matic Music Club



The Matic Music Club is an extra curricular activity designed purposely for young students from the ages of 6 to 19 with an interest in the creative arts. The purpose of this initiative is not only to develop their skills and talents but also serves as the opportunity to explore themselves and their abilities

The kids are taught by experts from Ghana, Spain and Italy, and supervised by well oriented volunteers. They’re taken through lessons on how to play their respective chosen instruments as well as how to use music to better learn and understand other subjects in school. Through music, we’ll be teaching these students valuable life skills to take on challenges in everyday life.


The Matic Music Club will meet only after school, with special music sessions on weekends. The highlight would be the quarterly concerts organized to help showcase their talents and build their confidence

Benefits to Kids:
• Develops their talents
• Develops a social understanding/a sense of belonging






Benefits to parents
• It would also be a great opportunity and relief for busy working parents who often struggle with after school care for their wards.
• For stay at home parents or those with flexible schedules, this could be a great bonding time for parent and child; an essential feat that is not easily attained in our parts of the world.





Benefits to School
• Your school will be known as part of the pioneers of Matic Music Club.
• You get to publicize your school and modules to new kids and their parents.








Music Club Framework
Each club has a maximum of:
▪ 50 students
▪ Team of 5 tutors made up of 2 school patrons & 3 volunteers
Resources We Provide
▪ Musical Instruments
▪ Music related reading material
▪ Exercise Books
▪ Stationery
▪ White Board
▪ Projector
▪ Laptop
▪ Flat Screen
▪ Printer
Resources Needed from School
▪Classroom for meetings
▪Tables and chairs
▪White Board/Chalk board



• We look forward to setting up one of our clubs in your school. We’d work with other partners, donors and volunteers and help your students become better global citizens. Thank You.

• Antoine Mensah: 026 400 0360
• Enoch Oduro- Agyei : 026 935 5544
• On Twitter and Instagram : @MaticMusicClub
• Facebook : Matic Music Club





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