Gold label Africa outreach (GLAO)

Farida Bedwei
November 8, 2017
Richard Akita
April 3, 2018

Our ‘Give Back’ (GB) Feature for this month : Gold label Africa outreach (GLAO) is known for their positive and motivational attitude and activities towards humanitarian issues.


; Is a registered charitable organization which is dedicated to helping the less fortunate children in society by providing them with the basic needs of life which are unfortunately unavailable to them. Our vision and mission are as follows;

Our Vision

• Is to see sustained increase in the sense of security within less privileged children in the African society.


• Bridging the gap between privileged and less privileged children through selfless and dedicated charitable acts.

As a charitable organization, we place our focus on various categories of under-privileged children such as orphans, children living with severe ailments or diseases, children living under harsh conditions due to extreme poverty and deprivation, children living with disabilities and so on. The aim is to ensure that they are well catered for and shown the love and affection that every child is entitled to, and on which they thrive.

Children, as we believe, are the future and therefore must be well catered for to ensure that they have a bright future as well as a consistently improved world to accommodate them and generations beyond. However, a shockingly huge number of children, especially in Africa, lack all these vital basic necessities and live under extremely unpleasant conditions which, if not checked, will leave the future in jeopardy. For this reason, GLAO organizes frequent activities in the form of, donations to orphanages and deprived communities in Ghana, parties for orphans and street children as a way of entertaining them as they desire, sporting and other recreational activities for less privileged children, provision of healthcare items for children living with diseases and ailments to list a few.

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