‘Earn Your Crown’: A favourite quote of the Creator of this site Eli Kharis. Most of you know/ have come across my usual Hashtag which accompanies my captions to my posts on all my social media platforms. It isn’t just a catchy or fancy quote I put out there, but one that has an important meaning to the growth of my journey, which I think you can relate to as well.

With some experience obtained, I have come to believe that to Triumph or Succeed in whatever you set your mind on, you need to attain it. And to do that, you need to make effort of pursuing a positive agenda, which comes with you striving for better outcomes, making sacrifices, advancing beyond your struggles and most importantly putting God first. And with these attributes, you will eventually achieve your Goal…

And after you have earned what you toiled for, what do you do with it?

Value it and tell your story to inspire others. For Success is deeply valued, if not handed over to you and it will always remain firm because you toiled for it.
It is about time you Earn that Position, Improvement, Reward and that rightful place because you worked for it and deserve it, plus every other thing it comes with.

Why worsen your misery, pain and misfortune when you can rise and make that decision to turn things around for your benefit.

Beautiful people Earn Your Crown…

Here are some inspiring experiences shared by people who managed to create a goal out of that ‘Big sacrifice/Struggle/Decision they made at a point in their lives. Let's learn a thing or two from their struggles and decisions. Who knows you could make use of similar solutions to achieve a purpose or take that step today to make things work for your good.

Welcome once again to EARN YOUR CROWN column, I hope these stories motivate you to make progress in every area of your life. Your thoughts, comments and stories are welcomed as well. Just scroll down after reading a piece and sign in for your story to be told and heard.

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is the Head of Digital Media and Partnership as well as the West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa. In her current role, she is responsible for working across the company’s digital platform on revenue and audience growth initiatives as well as the editorial head for the West African region. Prior to Joining Forbes Africa, she was an education senior management executive in the United Kingdom where she also practiced as a science teacher for 7 years. Hyde was directly responsible for creating innovative projects that raised over £1 million for the organization. Hyde is also the founder of leading education non-profit Aim Higher Africa, which has a focus on empowering unemployed youths in Africa to transform their passion into business. The organization has invested over 600 startups resulting in 3000 jobs across Ghana and Nigeria. Named as a powerful woman in Africa by CNN, Hyde is also an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Ebony and Fox News. She was named to the United Nations Most Influential People of African Decent list for 2017. She also sits on the judging panel for The Chivas Venture Fund as well as being the host of two leading flagship talk shows, Forbes Africa’s My Worst Day with Peace Hyde and Forbes Woman Africa’s Against The Odds on CNBC Africa which broadcasts to over 60 million people in Africa. Read More
Richard Akita (2)

Mr Richard Akita

Mr Richard Akita : Is a retail management consultant, author, radio show host, entrepreneur and life performance coach, he draws his inspiration from past encounters and has an insatiable desire to learn from every opportunity and loves empowering others to pursue their dreams. We are humbled and exhilarated to have the renowned Life Coach Mr Richard Akita share his journey with us on ‘Earn Your Crown’. His story is one that has a sense of adventure that knows no bounds. His passion in self-development has led him to continually research and apply new knowledge acquired with his clients – not only equipping them to excel, but empowering them to impact their community, and to be legacy minded Read More

Farida Bedwei

Farida Bedwei is an Award winning Entrepreneur, Writer and Disability Rights advocate born April 6, 1979, in Lagos. At 10 days old Farida developed cerebral palsy from Rhesus incompatibility of her parents Cerebral Palsy hence was home schooled by her mother until she turned 12. She created her first software at the age of 19. In an interview with Farida She describes her mum as a Superwoman for training her to be an Independent woman, to cater for herself and not rely on others in her condition. She’s an inspiration to the world with her zeal to breakthrough against all odds. Interestingly Miss Farida Bedwei isn’t a fan of people walking up to her to express how proud they are of her journey which is inspiring. To her she hasn’t accomplished much and sees herself as an individual living to the fullest.

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